Episode 4 - Value, Comparison & Accountability

October 30, 2018

Episode 4 focuses on the trap of becoming a Value Martyr, Comparing yourself to others, and the sure fire way out of this trap! A lot of great resources below offer more reading on ways to think about behaviors, improving self-awareness, and the importance of mastering Accountability. This episode is a general discussion of the resources linked here, please let me know your thoughts or how they have helped you!



Episode 3 - Impossible Tasks and what to do about them!

October 21, 2018

Welcome to Episode 3! Today's episode we get into the “Impossible Task” concept  and I will explore some of the roots I believe lead to this, and then some of my favorite tools and resources to check those tasks off your list. This will be a very surface and limited exploration today, but there is always more to learn and ways to understand our own minds that this topic will definitely have much more to talk about!

Episode resources (Click the Links)

Episode 2 - The Good Place, Moral Philosophy… and wine

September 14, 2018

Talking today about The Good Place now streaming on Netflix, a highly UN-scientific Facebook poll and moral philosophy. Can someone please teach me to pronnounce Voignier correctly?! Audio sequenced by Dr. Deuss / source property of Garage Band

Episode 1 - EMDR & Hot Ass Coffee

September 2, 2018

An introduction to the show, a couple of thoughts on Self Help and EMDR therapy, and the Hot Coffee metaphor. Check it out!